Why Us

Why Choose Victory

Reliability and attention to detail is what sets us apart at Victory Smash & Mechanical Repairs. Your vehicle is treated with love, care and respect. We take full responsibility for your pride and joy from the moment it comes in to the workshop or one of our tow truck drivers picks it up.

At Victory Smash & Mechanical Repairs we follow a strict SOP. That stands for: Standard Operating Procedures. What that really means is that we have a process. Every car that comes in to our workshop goes through this procedure. This makes sure that everything is done every time and it’s done with quality.

This is our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure):

  • Vehicle Assessment
  • Insurance Authorization
  • The Repair Process
  • Paint & Coating
  • Quality Inspection
  • Wash, Clean & Detailing

Vehicle Assessment

Your vehicle is professionally assessed by one of our experienced and qualified experts. During this part of the process you can relax enjoy some refreshments, a cup of coffee while we do all the work. This is where we decide exactly what steps we should take. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you in the best most cost effective choice for repairing your vehicle.

Insurance Authorization

For insurance claims an assessor from the insurance company that you are with must inspect your vehicle. This must be done for Victory Smash & Mechanical Repairs to begin repairs on your vehicle. You can relax and feel confident that everything is being taken care of. Our claims department is specifically geared to make sure that everything is done on your behalf and you can feel comfortable in the fact that we will take care of all correspondence and paperwork in relation to your insurance company.

The Repair Process

Once Victory Smash & Mechanical Repairs receives approval from your insurance company we begin the repair process. Our Body Works Department makes sure that we get the correct parts for your vehicle at the best price. Under insurance claims we will order Genuine Parts. Your car then moves to the next section of our workshop there the structural and panel repairs are undertaken by our expert team. Which means you’ll get the right job done the first time on time and every time.

Paint & Coating

This is arguably the most fun part of the process. The Paint department is where the real magic happens. Our specialised colour code expert goes to work. This is all done while your vehicle undergoes paint preparation. Your vehicle is then painted by professionals who use passion to turn out a work of art every time, they can’t help it. Next your car moves in to our state of art and market leading fully “Down Draft” Spray booth where it is baked to perfection with great care taken not to heat damage any part of the vehicle.

Quality Inspection

This is where the Production Manager goes over the finished product with a keen eye for detail and a reputation to keep. The vehicle is inspected to make sure that the repairs surpass the standard set in the specifications by the manufacturer. Once the work passes the meticulous examination the Production Manager approves and guarantees the work.

Wash, Clean & Detailing

Your car receives a luxurious wash. We wipe, vacuum and clean your vehicle until it gleams. Yor car has all of it’s bits professionally cleaned and detailed.


You get the key’s back to your car, the smile comes back to your face and there is a spring in your step. You climb in to a perfectly repaired vehicle, let the good times roll … You drive off thinking “WOW the car looks great, what a good job!”